The principal motivation behind my work is to show off the unique qualities of New Zealand's native timbers and to encourage people to connect with nature through art. I work with only fallen native trees to create forms that reflect nature’s beauty.


I encourage you to touch and enjoy the work I have created, immerse yourself in nature and feel her magic. 



Your piece of art is a natural product and as such, defects and changes may be noticed over time, this is normal and to be expected.  Care needs to be taken as to where the piece is placed.  These unique pieces can be affected by environments such as air conditioning or direct sunlight, these may cause your piece of sculpture to dry out.


To ensure your piece stays in the best possible condition we suggest you follow regular maintenance every two to three years as detailed below (this should also be undertaken more frequently if you notice any cracking):

1. Sand your piece of art with 200 grit sandpaper to remove the existing wax or any blemishes

2. Next sand with 400 grit sand paper, this ensures the piece will be smooth

3. Once smooth, oil the piece with Danish Oil (I use Briwax Danish Oil which is available from most hardware stores).  Wipe off the excess oil with a dry, lint free cloth and leave to dry

4. The following day lightly sand again with 400 grit sand paper and apply a further coat of Danish Oil.  Wipe off any excess oil with a dry, lint free cloth and leave to dry

5. Once the oil is dry apply a clear furniture wax (I use Briwax however most brands are fine), wipe off the excess wax with a lint free      cloth and leave to dry then buff to a high polish with a lint-free, clean cloth.